Welcome to Mosiso direct store that offers Designer Style cases for your iphone ipad kindle and more!

About is the direct online store of the Mosiso brand cases for your iphone ipad and kindle.

Mosiso brand started around 2012 and has since rolled out a series of vintage style cases for iphone, ipad and kindle. Those produts are being sold on Amazon and have received more than 100 4+ reviews. Just go to and search mosiso ipad cases to see yourself.

Three main features of Mosiso products make them so well recognized by customers:

1) Absolutely classic vintage style looking
2) Stunning details 
3) Sleek and durable

 Now with we can offer those successful products to more customers with better prices, collect valuable feedback from you to help Mosiso on product improvement and innovation, and build a stronger brand. 

 We will keep working hard to bring you high quality products. Thanks for visiting our store!

Just a peek at our factory!

Mosiso factory 1 Mosiso factory 2 Mosiso factory 4 Mosiso factory 5